Sound More British with Connected Speech

Connected Speech

Connected speech is a feature of English pronunciation wherein words join together when talking and don’t always sound the same as they do when they’re pronounced individually.


When a word changes the sound of the word that comes before or after.


You should come (sounds something like: You shougcome)


You should go (sounds something like: You shoulgo)


One king (sounds something like: wungking)


Last Year (sounds something like: lascheer)


When a phoneme (sound) is lost. Often happens with /t/ and /d/


Left back (sounds something like: Leffback)


Next day (sounds something like: Nexday)


When the last consonant of the first word is connected to the vowel sound at the start of the second word. It sounds like words are connected when they’re not.


Pick it up (sounds something like: Pikitup / pi-ki-tup)


He’s holding an egg (sounds something like: anegg / a-negg)


He’s in the garden (sounds something like: he-zin)

Other Fun Examples

‘And’ can sound like ‘n


Fish and chips -> Fish n chips


Of‘ can sound like an ‘uv‘ or ‘a


Pint of beer -> Pint uv beer / Pint’a beer


Have‘ can sound like an ‘huv


Have you finished? -> Huv you finished?

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