Benefits of Online Teaching

Teaching English Online

In this podcast episode, I look at an online list called 10 Reasons To Teach English Online. I share my views on each one and give some insight into my won work. Improve your listening practice, learn more about me, and more about taking English lessons online!

  1. Teaching English online has given me a new kind of happiness
  2. My time is spent doing the best part of the job – teaching
  3. Teaching English online means complete location independence
  4. I get to choose my own schedule. Flexibility.
  5. No dress code
  6. Diversity of Students.
  7. You don’t need to wake up early every day
  8. Individual Attention.
  9. Creativity.
  10. Self-development

The expression from today’s podcast was “To be in a rut“. To find out what this means, listen to the end of the podcast.

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