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Confused with English tenses?

I have been studying… I was studying… will I have been studying?? 🤔

Don’t worry! It’s not easy. The purpose of this course is to guide you through simple, short stories learning the tenses step-by-step.

Learning grammar from a textbook is boring

…at least for most people anyway!

That’s why, in this course, we’ll be learning the different tenses in English.

This is one of the hardest areas according to many of my students.

Here is a list of all the tenses. How many do you know?

  • Present simple & continuous
  • Past simple & continuous
  • Present perfect & continuous
  • Past perfect & continuous
  • Future perfect & continuous

Master English Tenses

Choose from stories at different levels to read, practise with the audio and learn with a global community of English learners.

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